How To Get Togedemaru In Pokémon Go?

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During the Pokémon Go Test Your Mettle event, you can obtain your very own Togedemaru in one of four ways:

Being A Part Of One-Star Raids


Finding Togedemaru during times of increased wild spawn rate


Completing the "Power up 5 Steel-type Pokémon" field research objective.


Stage 1 of the Timed Research challenge "Test Your Mettle: Catch Challenge" has been completed.


Finishing the "Test Your Mettle: Catch Challenge" event is the easiest way to acquire a Togedemaru as part of this event.

As Togedemaru is the only reward available, you won't have to worry about getting one you don't want.

It is, however, the choice with the shortest amount of time allotted for completion.

You must complete the Timed Research Quest by Wednesday, September 21, at 8 p.m. local time.

To obtain the Pokémon you seek, you only need to pass the first stage, although as of the time of publication, that is still a few days away.

Of course, you can also finish One-Star Raids and get lucky and catch Togedemaru when gathering Pokémon during times of increased spawn rates.

Or by upgrading five Steel-type Pokémon as instructed by the Field Research job. Although it is entirely up to you, we prefer that you work more quickly.