kiwi Is The Best Fruit To Eat For A Stronger Immune System

Do the changing seasons ever make you feel a little under the weather? Perhaps you're feeling drained and worn out, which can make you more prone to illness.

Despite sleeping, your immune system is still active, so you may feel exhausted.

Producing the proteins required when your immune system must go into overdrive to defend you from pathogens like viruses and bacteria.

The best fruit to eat for a healthier immune system, according to registered dietitian Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CEO of The NY Nutrition Group, is a kiwi.

She notes that additional antioxidants and the high vitamin C content in kiwis may support your immune system. When it comes to this antioxidant vitamin, kiwi is a top choice.

One of the best sources of vitamin C is kiwi fruit. In fact, one medium-sized kiwi has nearly as much vitamin C as a medium-sized orange, or 71% of the daily required amount.

According to Moskovitz, vitamin C has long been linked to supporting a robust, healthy immune system.

This is as a result of its capacity to promote several cellular processes, lessen inflammation, and guard against oxidative stress.

In healthy older individuals, a gold kiwi fruit has been shown to lessen the intensity and duration of some upper respiratory infection symptoms.

The fruit has also raised your body's overall vitamin C level, or plasma vitamin C concentration.