How To Cool Down Your Laptop From Overheating?

1. Use on a Hard Or Flat Surface

Try to use your laptop on a flat or hard surface which helps to maintain the proper temperature inside due to proper airflow.

2. Clean The Vents Periodically

You have to make sure that the vents are not blocked by dust and debris because it is a common reason for getting the laptop overheats.

3. Make Sure Laptop’s Fan Is Working Properly

Under heavy workload if the fan doesn't make noise then there is a chance may your laptop's fan is not working and that's why your laptop gets overheat.

4. Don't Use Your Laptop While Charging

When your laptop is charging, the battery gets warm, and if you use it at the same time, the internals get warm as well.

5. Use Your Laptop In A Cool Environment

The simplest solution is to operate your laptop in a cool atmosphere by turning on your air conditioner and lowering the temperature in your room.

6. Make Some Changes In Laptop Settings

Check the system’s Power Option

Reduce the screen brightness

Switch over to power saver mode

7. Take A Break From It For A While

One of the easiest and most reliable methods is to turn off your laptop and leave it for a few minutes to few hours till the temperature is down.

8. Reduce The Processor’s Load

Close the applications and browsers or browser tab that you are not using and also disconnect external USB devices which are not in use.

9. Check the BIOS settings

Make sure that any fan control settings aren't set too conservatively, as this could cause your laptop to run considerably hotter than it needs to.

10. Purchase A Cooling Pad

After going through above all the steps if none of the options works for you then you need to spend some money on buying a cooling pad.