10 Daily Habits Of Queen Elizabeth’s That Helped Her Live 96 Years

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Eating Breakfast


Breakfast was regularly served at 8:30 a.m. sharp, with Queen Elizabeth's breakfast being given top priority.

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Having A Pet


Elizabeth was famously devoted to her band of adorable dogs, especially her corgis.

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Horseback Riding


Being a skilled rider, horses have been a constant in Queen Elizabeth's life since a very young age.

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Tea Time


In the morning, Queen Elizabeth drank some Earl Grey tea. She preferred her tea without sugar, like many British people, but didn't mind a little milk.

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Snacking - But In Small Portion


Every day, Elizabeth received jam sandwiches with her afternoon tea. Jam is simply put on buttered white bread and then cut into circles for these delights, sometimes known as "jam pennies."

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Elizabeth was frequently captured in mid-laugh because of her sharp wit and dry sense of humor.

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A Loving Relationship


Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth undoubtedly experienced highs and lows like any other relationship, but considering that they were wed for more than 70 years, they seemed to be extraordinarily close.

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Close Family And Friends


Being a member of a famous family can be challenging. But despite the occasional difficulties, it was obvious that Queen Elizabeth had a close-knit family who were there for her when she needed them.

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Enjoying Nature


Elizabeth loved gardening and going for walks outside, and she was frequently captured doing both when touring garden exhibitions.

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Having Purposeful Work


Serving the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth was Queen Elizabeth's life's work. She genuinely loved what she did!

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