10 Celebrities Who Are HIV Positive

Charlie Sheen


The former star of the popular television series "Two and a Half Men," who won a Golden Globe, discovered that he was HIV positive back in 2011.

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Billy Porter


The most recent celebrity to reveal his HIV-positive status is Billy Porter, one of the stars of the FX series "Pose," who is renowned for wearing exquisite clothes on the red carpet in recent years.

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Jonathan Van Ness


At age 25, after passing out while working in a hair salon, the "Queer Eye" star received his HIV diagnosis.

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Freddie Mercury


This is why, according to the Daily Mail, Freddie Mercury openly admitted to having the virus just before he passed away in 1991.

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Magic Johnson


In 1991, former basketball player Magic Johnson came forth and admitted that he had HIV. The precise second it occurred is remembered by history.

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Thomas Neuwirth


Conchita Wurst, the stage name of Austrian musician Thomas Neuwirth, disclosed in 2018 that he was HIV-positive.

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Danny Pintauro


According to The Washington Post, the actor, best known for his part in the television series "Who's The Boss?," received an HIV diagnosis in 2003.

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Holly Johnson


Johnson received a diagnosis in 1991. He explained in the interview how he uses the illness to his advantage by abstaining from alcohol and tobacco use and making every ability to preserve good health.

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Greg Louganis


Everyone is aware of how difficult it is to win an Olympic gold medal. The task had only just begun for the former American diver because he now had to fight another war, this one against HIV.

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Jerry Herman


Herman acknowledged that he was terrified after learning the news in a 1995 interview with The Washington Post. The date of Herman's death is December 26, 2019.

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