Laptop Licious Scholarship Program

We are happy to announce the Laptop Licious Scholarship Program for undergraduates and post-graduates students. This scholarship is the ongoing program of the Laptop Licious and main of this scholarship is to help the students who require a laptop to take notes in the classroom and complete assignments. So, this is a great opportunity for the students to win a scholarship to buy a new laptop for themselves.

Who We Are

Laptop Licious is a website where we help thousands of people in buying the best laptop as per their need and budget by publishing laptop buying guides. Our main purpose is just to help the laptop buyers and make an informed purchase of their new laptop so that they don’t end up buying the wrong one!

To accomplish this goal, we create our laptop buying guides by analyzing and checking many different things in each and every laptop available in the market. And after doing a lot of tests and inspection then it finds a way for our final published laptop buying guides. You can learn more on how we pick laptops for our laptop buying guides on our about us page.

Below there are a few examples of our laptop buying guide:-

Helpful Laptop Buying Guides For Students

You can also check our other laptop buying guides by these pages – Best Laptops, Best Budget Laptops, Best Gaming Laptops, and Best Work Laptops.

How to Participate in this Scholarship?

The students who interested to apply for our scholarship program, please go with the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Write a unique article of around 1000 to 2000 words on any of the below-mentioned topics:

  • Is it a good idea to be replaced books with laptops?
  • Laptop vs Notebook and Textbook – Which is better and why?
  • Laptop vs Computer – Which is better and why?

Step 2: Submit your article by sending us an E-mail at [email protected] with the subject of “Scholarship Article” and include the following things in your email:

  • Your written article in word .doc or .pdf format
  • Your personal details (Full name, and Email address)

How the Scholarship Winner will be Awarded

We will announce the winner basis on the content quality and how well it is explained. The scholarship amount is $500, and we will be sending the money to the winner through PayPal.

Deadline For Submission

The last date for submission is 30th December 2021 and winners will be announced on 10th January 2022 on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. You need to note that the submissions after the deadline will not be accepted.

Winner of The Previous Scholarship as Announced by Laptop Licious

The winner of the year 2020 was Mike Johnson who claimed prize money of $500 for writing an excellent piece of paper.

Note: We run our scholarship program every year so in case if you could not take part in the scholarship program this year because of some reasons then don’t worry you can participate in our next year scholarship program. So, you just have to stay connected with our website and social media profile.