How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen?

The laptop becomes one of the most important parts of our daily routine life, and if by chance your laptop screen is damaged or broken then you can’t do your work. There are many kinds of screen issues come like you could see some lines, black patches, screen color changes, and in some cases, you can’t even see if the screen is turned on or off.

The screen can be damaged for any reason like the laptop might hit on a wall or hard surface, or dropped somewhere, or for any other reason. If the laptop screen is damaged for any reason then a question that comes into our mind is, how much does it cost you to fix this damaged screen?

Well, no one can able to tell you the exact amount because it depends upon the nature of the damage. So, here in this article, we’ll see the estimated cost of fixing a laptop screen and also whether it can be fixed by yourself or not.

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What Kind Of Damage Is Your Laptop Screen?

There are many indications that help you to know in finding the type of screen damage. Which are the following:

  • If your laptop screen shows a distorted visual or shows some lines then it means the screen malfunctioned.
  • If there is a black spot appears on your laptop screen then it means the screen is cracked or has any physical damage.
  • If your laptop screen seems fully black, just like when we see while the laptop is turned off. So, in that case, might be there is a loose connection between the motherboard and laptop screen cable.

On What Factors Does The Laptop Screen Repair Cost Depends?

The laptop screen repair cost is depending on many factors, which are the following:

  • Your laptop is under Warranty or not?
  • The brand or manufacturer of your laptop.
  • The nature of your laptop’s damaged screen.
  • Is the damage can be fixed by yourself or at home?

First thing first, you need to check if your laptop is under warranty or not. If it’s in warranty then nothing would cost you anything if the screen damage comes under their warranty’s terms and conditions.

Secondly, the screen repair cost depends upon the laptop’s brand also. To fix a normal Windows laptop’s screen may cost you around $150 to $200, while an Apple laptop would cost a little bit more just because of the complexity of the repair.

If your laptop has distortions on the screen then it may be just because of Windows operating system bugs or any software-related issue, maybe it can be fixed by using some basic methods. Or if the cable which is connected between the screen and motherboard is loose then it can be fixed and it would cost you a few bucks if you are going to the service center.

If the laptop screen is damaged physically then there is no other option than to replace it. For that, you need to go to the service center and it’ll cost you a good amount of money.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen?

Well, as I have said in the beginning, no one can able to answer the exact amount for this kind of question. Generally, if you are going to a service center or call any professional technician to replace the screen then it would cost you something around $300.

However, if you have the knowledge and ability to replace the screen by yourself then you only need to purchase a laptop screen and it may cost you around $50 to $100. But make sure that if any of the steps went gone wrong then it would break your laptop also.

What Is The Cost Of Different Laptop’s screens?

As we all know laptops are available in different screen sizes and types such as it include screen sizes, screen types, and resolutions. Besides that, the cost also differs on laptop brands, if your laptop belongs to a top-notch laptop brand then its screen will be costlier than some unpopular brands.

When it comes to screen types then the cost of the LED panel is higher than the LCD screen. Let me tell you that, the LED screen would cost you approximately $200 while the LCD screen cost you around $50 to $100.

Laptops are available in different sizes and this is why it is difficult to list down the cost of all the screen sizes. If we talk about the Windows laptop’s screen sizes then it comes between 11-inch to 17 inches and it’ll cost you around $40 to $150.

Speaking about the Apple MacBooks, then its screen is more expensive than Windows laptops. MacBooks are available only in three different screen sizes like 13, 15, and 16 inches screen sizes. The screen size costs are as follows: Apple MacBook 13-inch display screen size costs you approx $260 while 15-inch cost is $500 and lastly 16-inch screen size cost is around $560.

Price To Fix Or Replace The Laptop’s Screen Of Different Brands

Here we will see the most popular laptop brand’s screen replacing and fixing costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen? Dell Laptops
Dell Laptops:

Dell is one of the most popular laptop brands who builds traditional laptops as well gaming laptops too.

The screen fixing or replacing cost of some mid-range Dell laptops may be going around $45 to $80. While for high-end models cost could for approx $150 to $200.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen? HP Laptops
HP Laptops:

HP is also a well-known laptop brand like Dell who also builds all kinds of laptops such as normal usage laptops, 2 in 1 laptops, gaming laptops, etc.

The HP laptop’s screen replacement or fixing cost would go around $120 to $300.

Lenovo Laptops:

Lenovo is popular for their business class laptops and their laptop’s repair and replacement can cost you around $60 to $350.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen? ASUS Laptops
ASUS Laptops:

The ASUS laptop screen fixing or replacing costs is less than other brands.

ASUS laptop’s screen will cost you approx $40-$80 and along with professional charges the total cost would go around $130 to $200.

Toshiba Laptops:

Toshiba builds laptops but is still not very much popular in the laptop industry. When it comes to screen fixing or replacing then approx you have to pay $60 to $250.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen? Acer Laptops
Acer Laptops:

After Toshiba, the Acer laptop’s screen is also less expensive. Its screen will cost you approx $50 and if we calculate with repair cost then it can go around $120.

There is a chance that the cost will differ from series to series and it can go up to $300.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen? Samsung Laptops
Samsung Laptops:

Samsung is a very well-known brand in the mobile and TV industry and now it becomes gaining popularity in the laptop industry also. Samsung also manufactures LCD and LED monitors.

When it comes to laptops then Samsung mostly provides LED panels and that’s why the cost would be a bit higher. The screen repair and replacement cost of Samsung laptops can go around $140 to $200.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen? Apple MacBook
Apple MacBooks:

MacBooks are popular for their design, build quality, and display. Apple’s high resolution display is also known as the Retina display.

MacBook’s screen replacement and fixing cost is much higher than the Windows laptops and the cost can go from $250 to $500.

MacBook’s issues are hard to fix and that’s why their repair cost is higher compared to normal windows laptops. Apple offers a service called Apple Care, for fixing laptop related issues including broken laptops or any technical faults.

Few Things To Consider Before Going To Replace Or Repair The Laptop Screen:

  • Before you are going to visit the laptop repair shop or service center make sure to know the screen replacement cost or repair costs.
  • To fix this laptop screen issue go to the company’s service center first, because it is good than go to any non-professional laptop repair shop. If your laptop service center is not near you and this is the reason you have to go to any near laptop repair shop then search for some professional and well-known repair shop.
  • If you are a MacBook user then AppleCare is the best option to fix this issue. But if you feel that AppleCare is more expensive then search for a professional technician who can do that properly. Why I am saying this because not all laptop repairers can repair MacBooks. This is why here I suggest you if you are able to spend money then go for AppleCare only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it worth to repair the laptop screen?

Well, if you bought your laptop recently a year ago, and just because your laptop screen is broken you are planning to buy a new laptop then it doesn’t make any sense. But if your laptop is old and the screen or other parts are not available anywhere then you can go for a new laptop, which makes sense.

What does a laptop’s touch screen repair cost?

The touchscreens are more expensive than the normal screens. Normally, a touchscreen cost could go for around $80 to $150 and when it comes to fixing the touchscreen then it cost you approx $250 to $300.

Can we go to third-party repairers to repair MacBooks?

Well, first I suggest you go to the certified AppleCare service center because they have proper knowledge of what is an issue and how to do that properly. Also, if any of the parts need to be replaced then as a certified service center they have an original part and not a copy and this is one of the main reasons to go there.

But, if in case your MacBook’s screen fixing cost is not within your budget and this is why you need to go for third-party repairers then it’s perfectly fine. But make sure that they are professionals and has got good reviews.

What are the charges to fix the screen on Best Buy?

Actually, the cost may differ from brand to brand and it’s series to series, but still, it can go for approx $250-$500 to fix the laptop screen.

Final Word

As we all know, the screen is one of the delicate parts of the laptop and chances are also high to get it broken. However, if the screen is broken then you can’t do anything on your laptop and it becomes useless.

So, if it happens to you then I personally recommend to you first go to their official service center to replace or fix the screen. Because to replace or fix the screen the technical person needs proper expertise and care that we can get on the brand’s certified service center.

But for some reason, if you have to go for any third-party laptop repair shop or professionals then make sure to check their online customer reviews.

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