Acer Vs ASUS : Which Laptop Brand Is Better?

When it comes to budget laptops two brand names are popular in that category which is Acer and ASUS. Here as we are talking about budget laptops so it doesn’t mean low quality laptops, sometimes what happens is you will get to see the same specs in budget laptops and high end laptops too in different brands.

If you are the one who is trying to figure out which brand they should go for between this two then it can’t be as much easy to decide. There is no big difference between these brands as both are Taiwan based companies and they are good at what they are manufacturing whether it was traditional laptops, 2 in 1 laptops, gaming laptops, etc.

In recent years, the popularity of these brands is increasing rapidly as they are building powerful laptops on a budget or at an affordable price tag.

Also, there are many of you are who have already used either one or both of these brands’ laptops, so they already would know about that brand. It means there are many of you who already have a preference between these two brands like which one is better.

For those who have no idea and are confused, for them I am going to take a look at both laptop brands and share my unbiased opinion. So, stay tuned with me through this article to clear out your confusion about which laptop brand is better Acer or ASUS.

Company Background

1. About Acer:

 Acer Logo
Credit: Acer

Acer is a Taiwan based electronics company that was founded in 1976. They are popular for manufacturing a wide range of electronic products such as laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, projectors, etc.

An amazing thing about the Acer company is that it started this company as an engineering firm before they are entering into computer manufacturing.

In recent years, Acer has also gained more popularity by providing good products and excellent customer support. Now, when it comes to the best laptops and desktop brands, Acer is considered as one of the best brands.

2. About ASUS:

Credit: ASUS

As you all know that ASUS is also Taiwan based electronic company and in the year 1989 they entered into this market.

ASUS is a strong contender in this electronics gadgets competitive market and they have a different product lineup also compared to Acer.

Besides laptops, desktop pcs, tablets, mouse they also build graphics cards, motherboards, routers, smartphones, etc.

ASUS is quite good at whatever they are selling and the customer base is also very strong. The quality of the ASUS product is also excellent like as we all need as a customer. This is the main reason why a customer has trust on them and you can also refer them.

Acer vs ASUS? – Which One Is Better?

Let’s compare these two brands and discuss about them in detail, which will help you out to make on which laptop brand is the best one. Actually, Acer and ASUS both brands are great at their own space when we need to describe them, and also it is not an easy task to choose one of them.

Ok so without further ado let’s take a quick look at these brands one by one and see which one is better.

Acer Vs ASUS : Which Laptop Brand Is Better?

1. Acer – Brand Overview

These days Acer is known for its budget and affordable laptops because none of the brands provide powerful laptops at a reasonable price range. So, if you want to save some of your money then go for Acer.

Acer’s most popular budget laptop series is Aspire and from this series, Acer Aspire 5 is one of the best laptops for all purposes like students, business persons, everyday use, or any kind of normal usage.

This Aspire 5 comes in different variants but if talk about the variant which comes with an i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD then you will have to pay a very less amount than any other brands like Dell or Lenovo.

Apart from budget laptops, Acer also has popular gaming-laptop series in the market which are Predator and Nitro.

Acer has been in this industry for many years but in recent years they have released some of the best budget laptops and gaming laptops in the market, which made them popular in this industry.

So, if you are one who wants a budget laptop with powerful specs and has value for your money then without thinking twice go for Acer’s Aspire 5.

1. Design:

Here I am not really criticizing the design of the Acer laptops. But if we see Acer’s cheapest laptop models then the design will look a little ugly and I think this is the thing where Acer saves some money by not adding effort into this.

And when we see Acer’s Swift series laptops then we can believe that they can build beautiful design laptops if they want to. But I think this could be only for some cross-cutting to provide products at a reasonable rate.

2. Durability:

When it comes to durability then Acer may not provide you with high-end durability just like MacBook but it can provide you which is strong enough to tackle daily wear and tear. Acer’s budget and high-end laptops are strong enough but if you’ll go for Acer’s low-budget or cheaper laptops then they are not durable enough.

3. Performance:

Well, the performance of any laptop depends on its specifications which it has got. As I have already said that Acer builds laptops with powerful specs and features at very affordable prices. Also, Acer has a variety of laptops for different purposes like for students, business people, gamers, etc., so you can choose a laptop as per your usage and it’ll give you a great experience.

4. Battery Life:

Actually, the battery life of the laptops varies from series to series if we see then the Aspire and Swift series laptops have a good battery life as compared to Acer’s gaming laptops series such as Predator and Nitro. For instance, Acer boasts that Acer Aspire 5 provides up to 10-hours of battery life on a full charge but we can expect around 6-7 hours of backup which is also decent.

5. Customer Service:

Let me tell you that Acer’s customer support service is not so good. And to resolve your problem when you call them you need to be on a call for a long-time and in the end, they are not able to solve your problem.

If I’ll tell you my personal experience then my old Acer laptops had an issue and to fix that issue they made me pay to send them a laptop. I think this is the reason why Apple and Dell is so much popular.

6. Price:

Coming to one of the important aspects of any product is pricing. Here, Acer is doing a great job in terms of pricing by providing powerful laptops at affordable prices. This is the thing which makes Acer an affordable brand compared to ASUS. Acer also has a laptop series called Chromebook which has cheap laptop options and it cost you a few hundred dollars only.

2. ASUS – Brand Overview

Let’s discuss about ASUS, in recent years they have improved their design, build quality, and reliability. Also, they have launched wide range of laptops so anyone can get options to choose one of them.

If you are looking for an ultrathin and light laptop for college or office use then you can go for ASUS’s Zenbook series laptops which are the best option. When it comes to gaming, you can look at for their ROG or TUF series laptops. For mid to high-end gaming these gaming series laptops are best for you as they can easily handle that.

For buyers who is searching for budget or affordable laptops, ASUS has VivoBook series laptops which is a perfect match. I think there are very few laptops are available in the market which cost you a few hundred dollars. Honestly, those laptops you can use only for very basic tasks like browsing or scrolling the internet, streaming videos on YouTube, etc.

This kind of cheap laptops come with a dual-core processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC, so as per the configuration you can understand that this is suitable for some basic use only. You can’t expect it to run on this device any kind of heavy software such as video editing or graphics designing.

1. Design:

In terms of design, ASUS wins the game by spending on their laptop design and it reflects in their latest laptop models. This is one of the reasons why ASUS laptops are a little bit costly than Acer.

In recent years, ASUS trying to provide an innovative design. To see an example of that, see ASUS ZenBook Duo which comes with a dual screen and while its ROG gaming laptops have an attractive design aesthetic which makes it stand out from other laptops.

2. Durability:

Regarding durability, ASUS tests its products very carefully to ensure to provide maximum durability. Some of the high end laptops of ASUS pass the test of some of the factors such as drops, vibration, temperature, and humidity. So, now you can easily believe that ASUS’s high-end laptops are highly durable compared to Acer.

3. Performance:

All the latest laptops of ASUS come with the latest and powerful set of hardware configurations which provides you excellent performance. Also, all these laptops have amazing display quality and a good amount of storage space.

For anyone who is looking for a quality laptop at an affordable price range then ASUS laptops are value for your money. If you are on a tight budget and want to buy a gaming laptop then ASUS ROG Zephyrus series laptops are a good choice for you.

4. Battery Life:

Apart from specs, battery life is also important for you then you need to check ASUS’s ZenBook series laptops. The laptops of this series can provide you around 8-10 hours of battery backup.

Generally, all the latest ASUS laptops can give you around 4-6 hours of battery life which is decent and this is the average battery life you’ll get in all the laptop brands. But wait, there are some models where ASUS boasts that they can provide fuel for up to 15 hours on a full battery charge.

On a conclude, apart from some models ASUS and Acer both are providing quite similar battery life.

5. Customer Service:

Besides pricing, warranty is also an important factor when buying a laptop or any gadget. Here, I would not like to tell you that ASUS customer service is the best or it is better than Acer. But the main thing about the warranty which you get with an ASUS laptop is comprehensive. It covers any kind of issue you have in your laptop and resolves it within a short period of time.

The customer support of ASUS is better than Acer but it is average if we compare it with some other top brands.

6. Price:

If we compare then the ASUS laptop is a little expensive side compared to Acer laptops but it offers you that kind of quality product.

From ASUS you’ll get a wide range of products, they have a good range of laptop options also in different categories so that you can easily choose the best one. If you are looking for a budget laptop then definitely you should look into the ASUS VivoBook series and ASUS ZenBook series which provide you a powerful and quality product at an affordable price range.

Final Word

After going through these two brands’ comparisons we noticed that both brands are quite similar but between them, there is a distinctive line that splits them and makes ASUS the best choice. As we discussed, ASUS has good customer support service and also a have a wide range of products compared to Acer, which makes it stand out.

If you are planning to buy a budget or affordable laptop used for some basic tasks and looks also doesn’t matter to you then you should definitely buy an Acer laptop. They have a good range of budget laptops so you can easily choose which one is suitable for you.

However, if you want a powerful laptop with an attractive design then you should go for an ASUS laptop. Still, if you are confused between Acer vs ASUS then feel free to ask me via commenting below.

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  1. I like the way you have explained this about two laptop brands. Actually, I want to buy a budget laptop and I am confused between Acer’s Aspire 5 laptop and ASUS Vivobook series laptop this is why I searched about these brands and I landed on your article. Now, after reading this article my doubt is clear and I have made my decision.

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